Advantages Of Remote One On One Tech Training

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A couple of years ago before covid 19, we were all use to the conventional way of learning, class rooms, seminars, bootcamps and etc.

Today the world has adapted to a better, less expensive and even more effective approach/way of learning, especially in the tech world where you don’t necessarily need much other than your computer and a good internet source.

Talking about remote one on one tech training, this can simply be put as a learning strategy or procedure whereby both the student and the tutor engages in an online session without any extra party.

There many tools designed for this type of training which makes it even more interesting and easy to use. For instance: Microsoft teams, Google meet, Zoom and etc.

However our major aim for this post is to discuss the advantages of using this wonderful approach. To learn more about these advantages, continue reading.


There are many advantages of remote one on one tech training but we will only discuss a few of them in this post:


We all know about about the stress and costs associated with the conventional way of tech training. Trying to beat the traffic so you can be there before the tutor; Of course you have to leave the comfort of your home first; Worrying about your class timing clashing with your other important stuffs; Or even missing classes due to ailment and etc.

Fortunately with this type of training approach, you don’t need to worry about any of those aforementioned issues. For instance, you schedule your class to the time that suits you, you are the boss here!

No worries on traffic or even have to drive to any training hall or classroom, you can even lie on your own bed for all you care as long as you are following along. You can still travel and take classes from mars as long as you have internet.

You can call off schedules and reschedule when you are ill or need to take care of loved ones. You are actually in control of your training.


The importance of privacy can never be over-emphasized in today’s world. We leave in a world where people can actually commit suicide just because of constant rubbing of their mistakes and ignorance on their face.

Imagine you are in a class with people far more intelligent than you are, and you asked a very dumb question, a fellow student records it, tomorrow you scroll down to a video of that in your instagram or linkedin feeds.

Some people are extremely too shy to ask questions in a class, some are too egocentric to ask questions about simple stuffs, some students are not good with English language.

I could go on and on to tell you the privacy challenges that can come up from the conventional way of tech training but let’s talk a bit about how one on one tech training helps with your privacy.

Every good tutor knows that the student’s questions is very important no matter how smart or dumb they appear, so he/she encourages the student ask questions when in doubt or confused.

You’ll never have to worry about your weaknesses/flaws when in private training, because it’s even your tutor’s responsibility to understand your weaknesses as well as your strengths, to know better how to make your training more effective and session time more productive.


Of course every session and the entire training period is all about you. No one is disrupting your training with questions about stuffs you already know. You present your challenges directly, get them solved immediately and forge ahead, not waiting for your question to be answered via a Q/A forum or email response.

As opposed to most bootcamps courses out there, your tutor shares every important aspect of his/her experience with you, especially the lessons learnt through the hard way so you don’t have to go through that same hell.

Truly, learning in tech is a continuous thing not a sprint. However, the idea with private training is not to sell more courses to you after each one, but to get you ready to continue the learning journey on your own without having to run back every now and then.

A proper one on one tech training is designed to make learning not only easy, flexible, private alone but also make learning fast paced and goal oriented.


This pandemic era has taught us a lot about the benefits of working and learning remotely. Imagine having your home bell ring and you got to the door only to have some health officials question you about your health, reason is because a fellow student has been diagnosed of a contagious disease.

No one has ever been known to contact any form of disease from another person via computer or a phone call, at least not to my knowledge.

It’s a fact that accidents and diseases can actually happen and be contacted respectively even from your own bathroom or toilet. But it’s also a fact that Learning remotely reduces the chances of you been exposed to accidents and diseases. Think about it for a minute..


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Now you have some information already on why you should choose remote private/one on one tech training approach over the conventional way. Am sure you can think of other reasons yourself too.

However, knowing is not enough, knowledge is useless without action. Are you thinking of gaining an important and a high in demand tech skills? Have you thought of python yet? In case you haven’t, then take a look at this post and discover why you should be learning python now.

Our one on one python remote training comes with all the advantages mentioned on this post and even more. Our aim is to train you in a way that you don’t have to depend on anyone else in your learning except yourself. We will arm you with the rare skills which you can use to learn even more but on your own.

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Geoff is a python software engineer, web content specialist, tech private trainer and an IT virtual assistant.

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